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Amaral does bookkeeping business ‘By the Books’

When Napa bookkeeper Julie Amaral looks at her family, tree she sees that she comes by her profession honestly.

Central portugal News

The libel trial of a former Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral is due to start today after being adjourned four times. He's being sued by Kate and Gerry McCann over claims he made in his book The Truth of the Lie.

Son asked if mother 'hid Madeleine'

Kate McCann tells a court in Portugal that her son asked her about claims she was involved in the disappearance of her daughter, Madeleine, after he heard them on the radio.

Kate McCann: My son asked me about claims I had HIDDEN Madeleine

THE mother of missing Madeleine McCann told yesterday how sickening false allegations by a former police chief caused anguish for her twins Sean and Amelie.

Watch: Kate McCann tells libel trial of moment her son asked about police chief's claims she hid Madeleine

Parents of missing girl are suing Goncalo Amaral, the ex cop who wrote a book about the disappearance of their daughter

EXCLUSIVE: MI5 spies know what happened to Maddie McCann claims Portuguese detective

MI5 AGENTS know what happened to missing Madeleine McCann but are covering it up, claims former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral.

McCanns go to Portugal for hearing

Kate and Gerry McCann are back in Portugal today for the latest hearing in their ongoing libel trial against a former police chief.

McCann's parents address libel hearing

The parents of Madeleine McCann have appeared before a court in Portugal in a libel case, accusing a former detective of defamation.

McCanns' Son 'Asked About Madeleine Claims'

Kate McCann has told a libel hearing her son asked her about allegations linking her to the disappearance of Madeleine which were published in a book by former police chief Goncalo Amaral. She said: "Sean asked me in October: 'Mr Amaral said you hid Madeleine.' The McCanns are suing over the allegations in Mr Amaral's book, The Truth Of The Lie, which included suggestions they hid Madeleine's ...

Diman Bengal education fund marks first year of success

FALL RIVER — One year after its inception, the Diman Bengal Education Foundation is growing, most recently thanks to the donations of two former students.


Amaral is a Spanish group, from the city of Zaragoza, made up of Eva Amaral - vocals and composer - and Juan Aguirre - guitarist and composer. The group's name is Eva's surname. Their music is and , with poetic lyrics about feelings. Eva's voice is deep, strong and very melodious. Biography: 1993-2000: The group Amaral was created on January 1st 1997 with Eva Amaral, main vocalist and composer, and Juan Aguirre, guitarist and composer, as members. The name of the group is Eva's surname, and it was chosen by Juan.

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